Try These Tasty Jalapeno Deer Poppers

These deer poppers will leave you wanting more.


Are you looking for a new way to cook venison?

This delicious recipe from Legendary Whitetails and Bill Young might be just what you’re looking for. Give it a try.


– 6 jalapeno peppers
– 1 deer tenderloin
– Italian dressing
– 6 pieces bacon cut in half
– Cream cheese


Remove seed from the jalapenos. Marinade tenderloin over night in the Italian Dressing. Cut meat into thin strips, cut bacon into half pieces. Wrap jalapenos with tenderloin strips and wrap in bacon. Put on grill on medium heat and cook until bacon is done. You can also put cream cheese in the center or jalapenos before you wrap the tenderloin and bacon.


Get Your Deer From the Field to Your Table

Getting your deer from the field to your Table doesn’t have to be hard.

Deer hunters put a lot of emphasis on scouting, treestand prep, time at the range, and other pre-hunt rituals. That’s certainly important, but too many hunters are unprepared for what comes after the deer has been shot.

Whitetails Unlimited editor Jeff Davis offers great advice on what to do once your deer is on the ground. Follow this advice and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your hunt at the dinner table for months to come.

Photo: Howard Communications

So, you scouted all fall, and hunted hard. You’ve been successful in dropping that whitetail, and now you have to get it in your freezer. The easy way is to drop it off at the processor—but it’s going to cost you. On the other hand, you can do it yourself. For complete instructions get a video, go online, or offer to help someone who already has experience. The complete details are too involved to discuss here, but these are a few tips to make the process easier… [continued]

Proper Shot Placement 101

Do you know where you should be aiming?

Unfortunately, too many wounded deer are not recovered.

This happens for a number of reasons, such as poor shot selection, arrow flight, or a deer that moves at the wrong time. But one reason that’s no excuse is not knowing where to aim.

Michael Cantrell, founder of Pure Instinct Hunting, has great advice on shot placement.

Todays broadheads are made to smash through flesh and bone, but no broadhead will ever compensate for poor decision-making in the field. There are some bowhunting shots you should never take, and where to aim at a deer largely depends on the situation…[continued]

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How a Sharpie Can Help Sharpen Your Knife

A sharp knife is something every outdoorsman or woman should have.

It’s important to have a sharp knife if you spend anytime outdoors, or even for home use. The trick is getting a knife to hold a good edge. There are many tricks to sharpening a knife. Have you ever considered the benefits a Sharpie could bring to the sharpening process? Outdoor Life shares advice on using a permanent marker to get the perfect hone on any knife.

I’m such an outspoken fan of replaceable-blade knives for field dressing, caping, and butchering that I’ve apparently earned a reputation as someone who doesn’t know how to sharpen a knife.

In reality, I use folders and fixed blades for much of my hunting work, and I spend so much of my time sharpening them that I’ve learned a few tricks to hone a sharper, more durable edge. Here’s a simple new way to approach an ancient task: sharpening your knife… [continued]

How to Properly Field Dress a Deer [Video]

With the proper equipment, it is easy to field dress a deer.

Knowing how to field dress a deer is very important. If you don’t the deer cooled as quickly as possible, you run the risk of the meat spoiling.

If you don’t know how to field dress a deer, or are just looking for a few pointers, this is the video for you. Watch as the Skin N’ Bones Field Dressing Kit from 12 Survivors is put to the test.

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A Safety Harness for Crossbow Hunters [VIDEO]

Crossbow hunters finally have a safety harness for their needs.

Crossbow hunting is gaining popularity across the Country, and so was the need for a safety harness for crossbow hunters.

Up until recently, crossbow hunters were left out of the loop when it came to a safety harness.  We could use the traditional harness, but we could have used more.

Fortunately, Hunter Safety System stepped up to the plate, and designed a safety vest specifically for the crossbow hunter.

Unlike traditional bows, crossbows have issues related to cocking the crossbow while hunting from an elevated position. When the crossbow is cocked, the treestand safety harnesses’ tether strap tends to fall in front of the hunter, which not only is frustrating but also can tangle with the crossbow and knock off or damage the scope. To eliminate this problem, HSS has added a Tether Stow Strap to the new Crossbow Harness that will safely secure the tether when cocking the bow.

Another feature of this new harness is the deep zippered pocket specifically designed to accommodate the cocking rope which if stowed in a backpack or regular harness pocket can easily get tangled with other gear or fall out of the stand. HSS has also equipped the new Crossbow Harness with a Range Finder Rip Cord that keeps the rangefinder handy yet out of the way and always attached so an accidental drop is never a concern.

Designed on the popular HSS Hybrid Flex chassis, the new HSS Crossbow Harness features the same 1.25-inch upper-body webbing, shock absorbing tether and waist buckle. The individual, padded hexagon shoulder straps on the HSS Crossbow Harness provide comfort and maximum flexibility and the ample pockets—including a secure mesh pocket designed for a cell phone—make it easy to store all of the necessary crossbow and other hunting gear. Weighing only 2.5 lbs., the new HSS Crossbow Harness meets current industry standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacturers Association.