30 Shots in 30 Seconds [VIDEO]

This video will get your heart pumping.


The guys at Bone Collector have put together a video to get you ready for deer season. (Although I doubt you really need a video though to get motivated.)

As hunters, we’ve patiently been waiting for deer season to arrive. Now that it’s underway for many of us, and will be opening within the next few weeks for the rest of us, it time to get pumped. This video will certainly do just that. Thirty arrows in thirty seconds! Check it out.

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Keep Your Whitetail Mounts Looking Great

These tips will keep your mounts looking great.

Let’s face it, taking a deer to a taxidermist to get a shoulder mount is not cheap.  Several hundred dollars will come out of your pocket for the finished mount.

With thatkind of money on the line, you want to be able to proudly display your deer for years to come.

But, through the years, time takes a toll on even the best taxidermy work.

Field & Streams Greg Staggs has some useful information that will help keep your mount looking new.

Bring the shine back to a mount that has lost its luster by applying Laser Sheen equine hair polish, available at feed stores. To maintain a sheen, lightly spray your mount occasionally with Skin So Soft Bath Oil, which you can find at drugstores. With either product, use a soft-bristled brush, and stroke with the grain of the hair, never against. [CONTINUED]

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How to Age a Whitetail Buck

This advice will make it easier to judge the age of whitetail bucks.

So much is said about shooting old, mature bucks. Some outfitters even have a minimum age that they’ll permit their charges to shoot. But is there a guaranteed way to age a deer?

While you can’t guarantee determining the exact age, there’s a good way to make a very educated guess. Field & Stream‘s Dave Hurteau explains how to do it.

Hardly any hunter would criticize you for shooting a 3 1⁄2-year-old buck. But if you’re setting a higher bar for yourself and want to down a fully mature whitetail—one that’s 4 1⁄2 years old or older—you have to learn the subtle differences between big and bigger.

Next time a potential shooter approaches, look for the key features listed below to decide if you should take the shot or wait for a more mature buck…[Continued]


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How to Field Dress a Deer Upside Down [VIDEO]

Field dressing a deer upside down might be easier than you think. The deer is upside down, not the hunter.

Are you looking for an effective way to skin the next whitetail you kill? There’s a better way to field dress your deer than doing it in the field among the dirt and grime that can contaminate the meat.

Marty Davison of Total Outdoor Programming shows you how to skin and field dress a deer upside down. It might seem a little weird, but it really is a quick, clean, and easy solution. Check it out.

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How to Be a Better Butcher

Visiting a butcher shop will make you better at butchering your next deer.

Do you process your own deer and other big-game animals? If so, there’s always room for improvement. And with deer season right around the corner, there’s no better time than right now to take a little refresher course.

Outdoor Life‘s PJ Delhomme visited Yellowstone Processing in Montana to find out what it takes to be good at butchering deer.
As the sun starts to set on another weekend of Montana’s hunting season, there is a lull in the action at the shop. The successful morning hunters are long gone. The successful evening hunters are still afield, packing out their elk and deer, and calling all their buddies. For the workers, it’s a time to grab a quick dinner, a smoke, or a cup of coffee….[Continued]
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Rage Hypodermic Leaves This Buck Confused [VIDEO]

After being hit by a Rage Broadheads, this buck didn’t know what to do.

I had the opportunity to be at Central Kentucky Outdoors for the deer season opener in 2016. It was my intentions to harvest a buck in velvet, but that didn’t happen. However, I did get a buck any hunter would be proud of.

I was using a Rage Hypodermic expandable head.

After being shot, the buck was a little confused as to where he should go. He first ran up a hill, then decided to make things easier for me, and came back towards me before crashing into a fence. Check out the video.

Try These Tasty Jalapeno Deer Poppers

These deer poppers will leave you wanting more.

Are you looking for a new way to cook venison?

This delicious recipe from Legendary Whitetails and Bill Young might be just what you’re looking for. Give it a try.


– 6 jalapeno peppers
– 1 deer tenderloin
– Italian dressing
– 6 pieces bacon cut in half
– Cream cheese


Remove seed from the jalapenos. Marinade tenderloin over night in the Italian Dressing. Cut meat into thin strips, cut bacon into half pieces. Wrap jalapenos with tenderloin strips and wrap in bacon. Put on grill on medium heat and cook until bacon is done. You can also put cream cheese in the center or jalapenos before you wrap the tenderloin and bacon.

Photo: yummly.com