Get Your Deer From the Field to Your Table

Getting your deer from the field to your Table doesn’t have to be hard.


Deer hunters put a lot of emphasis on scouting, treestand prep, time at the range, and other pre-hunt rituals. That’s certainly important, but too many hunters are unprepared for what comes after the deer has been shot.

Whitetails Unlimited editor Jeff Davis offers great advice on what to do once your deer is on the ground. Follow this advice and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your hunt at the dinner table for months to come.

Photo: Howard Communications

So, you scouted all fall, and hunted hard. You’ve been successful in dropping that whitetail, and now you have to get it in your freezer. The easy way is to drop it off at the processor—but it’s going to cost you. On the other hand, you can do it yourself. For complete instructions get a video, go online, or offer to help someone who already has experience. The complete details are too involved to discuss here, but these are a few tips to make the process easier… [continued]

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